85% said YES

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  • July 1, 2016


A resounding 85% of respondents in our recent survey said YES, that they want the Neighbourhood Plan to be submitted to Hart District Council at the earliest opportunity. That’s regardless of the uncertainty over Hart housing numbers and the likelihood that the care home does not count towards those numbers.

  • This supplementary question generated 472 completed responses, of which 404 were positive.
  • 398 (84%) came from residents of Odiham and North Warnborough, of whom 339 (85%) voted YES.
  • The remainder came from other stakeholders such as people who work here, as well as residents of other parishes (including 65 from Greywell), and landowners or their agents.

Thank you for providing this extra feedback and for your continued involvement in your Neighbourhood Plan.
Steering Group
Odiham and North Warnborough Neighbourhood Plan

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