The Steering Group is working intensively to have the OnwardPlan in place as soon as possible.  The diagram below shows the next steps and outline timeframe  (click to enlarge).


Here’s a log of progress so far and what’s coming next:

Summer 2014

  • Steering Group forms under the auspices of Odiham Parish Council
  • Plan area designated formally by Hart as following parish boundary
  • Grants secured from the Department for Communities and Local Government, Hart District Council and Odiham Parish Council
  • Initial guidance from consultants Towns Alive; and rCOH (ongoing)
  • Early public awareness campaign and endorsement via engagement at local events (Blues and Bands in the Bury, Church Fete, Cricket Club Centenary, Italian Market, Heritage Weekend).

Autumn 2014

  • Research and project planning
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement planning begins
  • Ongoing research and drafting for positioning statement
  • OnwardPlan name adopted as concise, inclusive and forward looking

Winter 2014-15

  • OnwardPlan website and social media launched in November
  • Hart proposes housing strategy for District following public consultation
  • Ongoing engagement with residents and other stakeholders in November (Xmas Extravaganza, Robert May’s School Fair)
  • OnwardPlan team On Tour at four leading venues near you in January 2015 (Consultation 1) !  See for yourself, here.

Spring-Summer 15

  • Ongoing consultation with stakeholders
  • Feedback of results to interested parties via e-mail, online, and social media
  • Preparation of Draft Plan policy options and aims
  • Publication of the emerging Draft Plan (May 1 earliest)
  • Further consultation (Consultation 2) by online and paper questionnaire 1-22 May 
  • 3 consultation events  in May where  members of the Steering Group were on hand to answer any questions

Summer-Autumn 15

  • Analysis of results of 711 questionnaires and event feedback on Draft Plan options.
  • Revision of Plan content ahead of publication of the Pre-Submission Plan and 6 weeks of statutory consultation from mid- October.
  • The deadline for representations on the Pre-Submission Plan was noon on Monday 30 November 2015.

Winter 2015 – Spring 2016

  • Processing and analysis of  333 Pre-Submission comments.
  • Necessary amendments made to the Plan; ongoing liaison with Hart District Council to ensure alignment with their emerging Local Plan.

Spring – Summer 2016

  • Copy of the final version to advisers rCOH for preparation of the Basic Conditions Statement
  • Approval of the Plan by OPC for Submission to Hart District Council at the earliest opportunity.
  • Hart DC conducts a technical and compliance check plus another 6 weeks of statutory consultation.
  • Appointment of an independent examiner who will review the Plan, make recommendations, and then, all being well, allow it progress to …
  • A parish referendum. If over 50% of the parish electorate vote yes the Plan will be adopted and be the framework against which future planning applications should be considered.

In short, at neighbourhood level, there are benefits from getting the OnwardPlan in place as soon as possible. So the Steering Group is driving forward as far and as fast as feasible in this formally structured process. That’s why it’s so important to get involved along the way and have your say.

At District level, to see the latest information and time scale for Hart’s Local Plan, please click here.