The proposed vision for the Parish up to 2032 is:

“Odiham and North Warnborough will remain special historic Hampshire villages but each with its own distinctive character. The villages will remain separated by attractive green spaces that will be more accessible for recreational use.
Both villages will grow and ensure their communities continue to have access to the housing and services required. This will include housing that is as affordable as possible for younger families, local people and downsizers and suitable accommodation for the elderly.  The quality of design will be high and be in keeping with the established character of the area.
A key consideration in managing development will be to secure the preservation of the many special and significant views both within, from and towards the settlements and consequently retaining the essentially rural nature of the villages’ location and surrounding landscape.
The character and vitality of Odiham’s village centre will be maintained or enhanced, providing an attractive and interesting place for people to meet. Existing and new businesses and services will be encouraged, whilst retaining the special historic and rural character of the area but with traffic and car parking managed more effectively.
The Parish will have improved footpaths and cycleways that connect settlements, amenities, green space and historic attractions in an environmentally sustainable way. The Parish will flourish as a place for both residents and visitors
Recreational facilities will be sustained with green space preserved both within and adjoining the settlement areas and enhanced for everyone to enjoy.
The schools of the villages will continue to thrive and expand to provide excellent educational facilities but without compromising the historic and rural character of the area.
An effective and close community partnership with RAF Odiham will continue, with local residents able to make use of available RAF sporting facilities and with military personnel and their dependants encouraged to continue to utilise the many services and facilities available within the parish.