Note : The latest version of the plan can be found on the Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan page here


Thank you to all those residents and stakeholders who took part in May’s public consultations on the Draft Plan. Here’s a summary of the questionnaire results:

Questionnaire results (May 2015)

If you would like more detail, the links below show both the numeric results of the consultation on the draft plan and the comments – both those submitted directly online as well as those completed on paper, which members of the team have typed in (with paper copies kept for verification purposes).  On paper, some people gave answers that weren’t possible on-line, such as with ranking, so we have noted in the comments how we have treated those.  In one or two cases, mention was made in a comment of an individual’s name; these have been redacted by means of a black box for data protection.  Please note that some pdfs are large documents so you may like to think twice before printing.
The overall results ranged from largely supportive to very supportive of the proposals in the Draft Plan, as can be seen from the numeric data at the start of each question. Opportunities were given in several of the questions to add comments, and we would like to remind readers that naturally people who supported a policy frequently simply said yes, while people who disagreed with something equally naturally explained themselves, sometimes in some detail, which has been very helpful for the team in taking the plan towards its next stage.

The next version of the plan – the Pre-Submission Plan – will be published for another 6 weeks of consultation later this year.

As a reminder, here are the original consultation documents:

Online questionnaire on Draft Plan  (if you live or work in ONW)
OnwardPlan supporting Leaflet May 2015 (please read this background summary first)
Questionnaire May 2015   (for another paper copy of the questionnaire)