This page contains the comments received from statutory consultees and landowners regarding the Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan.


Thames Water Sites Table 2015-11-15

Thames Water Letter 2015-11-15

Thames Water e mail 2015-11-20

SHLAA 330 Cala Homes Email

SHLAA 330 Cala Homes Comments

SHLAA 327 Bell Cornwell email

SHLAA 327 Bell Cornwell comments

SHLAA 233 Agent email

SHLAA 233 Agent comments

SHLAA 108 Barton Willmore Letter 2015-11-27 SHLAA

108 Barton Willmore Attachment

SHLAA 65 JB Planning comments

SHLAA 65 J B Planning email

SHLAA 58 Vail Williams email

SHLAA 58 Vail Williams comments

Natural England SEA Scoping 2015-11-25

Natural England e mail 2015-11-25

LGS SHLAA 68 Genesis email

LGS SHLAA 68 Genesis comments

LGS Close Meadow SHLAA 67 Turley email

LGS Close Meadow SHLAA 67 Turley comments

LGS Bell Cornwell objections

LGS Bell Cornwell email

LGS Beech Cottage Agent email

LGS – HF Woolley & Wallis Reasons

LGS – HF Woolley & Wallis Plan

LGS – HF Woolley & Wallis email

Historic England email

Historic England comments

HDC letter

HDC email

HDC comments 1

Hampshire County Council Response – November 2015

Hampshire County Council email

H & IOW Wild life trust email

H & IOW Wild life trust comments

Environment Agency email

Environment Agency comments

Basingstoke Canal Society

B J Consultancy Letter 2015-11-27

B J Consultancy Attachment 2

B J Consultancy Attachment 1


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