Green space is often mentioned by residents as one of the things they value highly about the parish. It contributes to the character of the parish and often provides opportunities for recreation.

In our January consultations,  the Community told us that the green spaces they value most are the Canal, the Deer Park and then Odiham Common and Broad Oak Common. In the future, doing something to improve the wharf area at the canal attracted most support.

Meanwhile, here’s an overview of green space in parish:


  • Beacon Field near Buryfields
  • Broad Oak Common
  • Odiham Common
  • Odiham Recreation Field


  • Bartley Heath by junction 5 of the M3
  • North Warnborough Greens
  • Whitewater Ford


  • Canal, including The Wharf and the towpath
  • Deer Park
  • Public footpaths
  • Green spaces with no or limited accessibility for the public:
  • Close Meadow
  • Gap between Odiham and North Warnborough