Since 2011, around 200 houses have either been built or approved in our parish of circa 2,000 homes. Hart District Council is currently investigating a strategy that could require a further 150-200 homes to be built in Odiham, North Warnbrough, Long Sutton, South Warnborough and Greywell by 2032. Your Neighbourhood Plan’s task is to come up with a housing development strategy that will pass a formal scrutiny and then a parish referendum.

In January’s consultations, the Steering Group proposed five key criteria for developing this strategy and sought Community feedback to help prioritise them:

  • The largest group (38%) considered No 2 most important:  As far as possible, development should not impact detrimentally on conservation areas, listed buildings and views valued by the Community.
  • 34% considered No 3 most important:  Valued green spaces should be retained.
  • 33% thought criterion 5 to be the least important:  Development should be shared between the two villages in a fair and appropriate way.

The two other criteria were that  development should be sustainable (ie. close to existing housing and ideally within walking distance of key services and facilities). and that a green gap between the two villages should be retained and protected.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, with guidance from specialist Neighbourhood. Planning consultants, prepared 3 housing development approaches for the community to consider:

  • a) 8-12 small sites (ranging from 5-30 houses)
  • b) A mix of approx. 6 small and medium sites (ranging from 5 – 60 houses)
  • c) One large site of >100 houses

So what options for Housing sites and Housing mix did the Community favour in January and May? You can read results from consultations here.